5 Tips for Improving Office Atmosphere


Having a positive workplace atmosphere is not something that can be left to develop by itself. It needs to be created and, most importantly, maintained. In order to make the most out of staff and create a fun and supportive place to work, good workplace atmosphere is key. Here are five easy tips on how to achieve it.

Provide light relief

Employees don’t come to work to be entertained, but providing a bit of fun can go a long way to inject some more happiness into the workplace. Whether it’s pool tables, ping-pong or video games, offering staff some stimulating activates on their breaks can relive stress, improve employee relationships and generally increase morale.

Introduce Activities

Getting everyone in the workplace involved in one activity is an excellent way to encourage staff to bond, as well as providing something fun for people to focus their attention to. Occasionally, try introducing something that the whole office can get on board with. It could be a bake-off, go-karting or a sports day. Encouraging a bit of gentle competition is also a healthy way to get staff enthused about the activity, as well as being able to blow off some steam and enjoy taking part.

Allow employees a choice

Feeling acknowledged and listened to by employers is a factor that has been proven to have a significant effect on employee satisfaction. With this in mind, you can improve office atmosphere by allowing staff to have an input in certain decisions and workplace matters. For example, allow employees to vote on things such as the dress code, lunch break times or where you go staff social events. Knowing they have a voice and an opinion will be of great value to your employees, and will give you the edge over other workplaces.


Many workplaces are reluctant to encourage staff to socialise, understandably for fear of everyone showing up with sore heads the next day. But there are plenty of ways to get around this. Firstly, organising socials on the weekend can avoid this problem altogether. Secondly, not every staff social has to become a drink fest. There are endless amounts of things to do other than go to the pub. So be imaginative and creative with your plans for staff days/evenings out.

Celebrate achievements

It’s important to make sure that each staff member has their achievements acknowledged, not only by the management but also by their fellow team members. Have a system in place for how you acknowledge performance. Also remember there’s a lot more to being a good employee than hitting targets, so also acknowledge things such as punctuality, attendance and enthusiasm. This will give staff the encouragement they need and create an air of positivity across the workplace.