Our story

In the heat of the 2008 recession our three directors, Dave Morgan, Sean Curtis and Jon Druitt, devised a new model of Online Recruitment to offer a low-cost alternative to traditional recruitment agencies. The directors had many years’ experience in traditional recruitment, knew exactly how most agencies sourced candidates, and identified exactly how they could offer this at a fraction of the cost, while still retaining the same high level of service and quality of candidates.

Admittedly, the original idea was devised around a barbecue, and maybe with a few beers. (Aren’t all the best ideas made that way?) But with further market research they identified a sparkling new way to recruit and a simple solution for all of the companies out there that needed to drive down recruitment costs. These three best friends opened the doors to eRecruit Solutions in July 2008, in a small office on Queen Square in Bristol, and soon outgrew this space. In May 2009 they moved to a larger office in Bristol’s Colston Tower, and in 2011 to even bigger offices in Tower House. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength and offer the full portfolio of online recruitment solutions to our clients, to ensure we can deliver the best deal for them. With our history of exponential growth, eRecruit Solutions is now quickly becoming the leading Online Recruitment provider in the UK and growing our market in Australia, UAE and the USA.

Our ethos

Whether we want to admit to it or not, the recruitment sector suffers from an image problem in some industries. Many recruitment organisations often talk about their ethical stance and contributions to business and the community, but it is often hard to envisage this in a cynical world. eRecruit Solutions however can truly portray our ethical approach: not only do we proudly sponsor a number of national and international charities, as well as local events such as Bristol’s Harbour Festival, but we conduct our business in terms of finding the lowest recruitment cost for our clients, as well as deliver a high end service and candidates. Added to this we also provide a further service to the HR, online recruitment, career development and the job sectors by creating a free, beneficial and, more importantly, impartial careers advice resource – Career Savvy.

Career Savvy

Career Savvy is a careers advice website which was set up as a free resource providing impartial careers news, advice, guidance, and information on the labour market to help people secure work and develop their roles. Career Savvy illustrates our persona in a true light, sets us apart in a saturated market and gives us unique exposure. As well as creating a positive image in our industry, we can now directly add further intrinsic value to our clients by citing editorial that’s of practical use to them in terms of HR and recruitment.

The idea for Career Savvy was born when we realised that out of 40-50,000 candidates we deal with each month, only around 1,000 would secure a job. As jobs became harder to find, the amount of irrelevant applications soared. Instead of just sitting there and letting this happen, we decided to take the reins and help.

Although Career Savvy was only launched in 2013, we are already looked upon as a voice of the industry and are making great strides in our market – we have been mentioned by the national press, championed by universities and student organisations, are developing relationships with the government and key players in the HR industry, and more importantly, support ‘many’ thousands of people in career development nationally.

Career Savvy has become a standalone brand in itself and is now seen as our sister company.


Our ethos, practical help and delivery has all resulted in eRecruit Solutions being recognised as ‘the’ online recruitment provider and we’ve already been acknowledged for our special investment within HR, online recruitment, career development and the jobseeking community by being a finalist in 3 industry leading awards in 2014. These awards are for our contribution to the community (Business Awards), innovation (MARA’s), and Best Corporate and Social Responsibility Practitioners (REC IRP Awards). So what does this mean? It means we’re true to our word and practice what we preach – eRecruit Solutions, recruitment made simple.

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UK Head Office:
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