The Advantages of Video Interviews

eRecruit Solutions discusses the advantages of Video Interviews

For your recruitment strategy to succeed, it needs to continuously develop so your company is always in the best position to attract and secure talent. Technological advances have had an enormous effect on the modern hiring process and one beneficial aspect of this is the video interview. Introducing this form of interview into the first stages of your hiring process can not only improve the experience for the candidate, but provide many benefits for your business.

Save time.

In truth, managers have a lot of important tasks to be getting on with and conducting interviews takes them away from these, which can cause a drop in productivity. Similarly, candidates will often have to travel to attend an interview which could involve a lengthy journey and having to book a day off work. By asking applicants to take part in a video interview for the first round, you can save the candidates’ and your own time during the hiring process. Instead, you can organise a Skype/video call for a time that is convenient for you both. You can reduce the time you spend in face-to-face interviews by only inviting those who were successful during the video interview stage to attend them.

Attract top talent.

In recent years, it’s become apparent that during the hiring process it’s not only the candidate who is being assessed – the company is also being judged by the interviewee. By making sure your candidate experience is up to scratch you can leave everyone who interacts with your business with a positive impression of your company. This is particularly important in terms of attracting talented individuals who are extremely active and have employers fighting over their application. Video interviews can improve your candidate experience as you’re making the hiring process as quick and easy as possible. They allow applicants to shine through in a personal interview with direct interaction, but without making them to go too far out of their way in the early stages. By replacing phone interviews with video calls, your candidates can put a face to the name and feel more connected with you as an employer. This encourages top talent to continue with their application and even the unsuccessful candidates to recommend you to their peers.

Save money.

Reducing the costs of your hiring process will be a main concern when deciding on your recruitment strategy. Video interviews can help you do this by eliminating the need for travel expenses for both the interviewer and the candidate as the interview can be conducted from the comfort of the office/own home. Furthermore, less money is wasted on resources as you’ll only need to provide these for the screened candidates who reach the next stage of face-to-face interviews. Include video interviews to an already cost-effective recruitment strategy (such as the flat-fee service provided by eRecruit Solutions) and your cost per hire will reduce significantly.

So to improve the efficiency of your recruitment strategy, consider introducing video interviews into the first stages of your hiring process. They can help you to reduce the time and costs involved, as well as attract top talent by improving your candidate experience.