ATS? Just Say No!

In an age of technological, time-is-money thinking, things may be getting easier, but we’re becoming vastly disconnected from each other. This is especially true of businesses and clients. Think off-site call centres or, as this article will discuss, applicant tracking systems (ATS).

For over a decade now, ATS has been the preferred method for many companies and recruitment agencies to sort through CVs. ATS uses smart algorithms and data to match the right candidates to job roles. Essentially, it is clever keyword matching. ATS often works collaboratively with other tools to help the decision-making process, including online skills tests and background checks.

This method of candidate selection means many candidates are put off sending CVs blindly. Indeed, if a company does use ATS, the chances are, the applications won’t be seen. Applying online is the easiest way for candidates to job hunt, yet the likelihood of success is very slim, purely because the CV won’t reach the right person. It’s an annoying paradox for all jobseekers.

As said, ATS collects applications and filters them according to keywords; relevant phrases and words that match those of the job vacancy. It’s no surprise, then, that hundreds of qualified candidates are left confused when they don’t even receive a call from the recruiter. Ultimately, the chances of a CV making it through the net and into the paws of a human recruiter are low.

So, what does this say for recruitment agencies that are faithfully hired to source the best talent in the marketplace? Do they not have a responsibility to both their partner companies and potential candidates? Well, for those recruitment agencies dealing with ATS, evidently not.

We might be a modern, online recruitment agency, but at eRecruit, we know what works. As the old adage goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – so we didn’t.

We understand that computers will never make a better judgement calls than experienced human beings, which is why we have real people screening approximately 12,000 applications every week. That may sound like a huge undertaking, but it’s essential for providing our partners with the best possible service and candidates.

What’s more, we don’t charge some astronomical figure for this service. Because we are an online recruitment agency, we source all our candidates online and pass those savings onto our partners. Our fixed-rate recruitment fee starts at just £599, which includes job ads, screening, short-listing – and yes, reading through each and every CV that we receive!
If you’re yet to partner with an online recruitment agency, or are unsatisfied with your current service, we urge you to do so. As an employer, you must always make sure that your potential candidates are dealing with real people, not computers – or you may find your perfect employees slipping through the net.