How to Attract Talented Millennials to Your Business


Employers are finding it difficult to attract millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – as these prospective employees appear to have different demands than those which preceded them. Many see them as being unprepared for work and requiring constant recognition. However in reality, they are highly competitive, ambitious and have a vast knowledge of technology that could be extremely useful in terms of modernising your business. So how do you grab this demographic’s attention and make them want to work for you?


The younger generation value the traditional hierarchy of companies a lot less than their older counterparts. They want to be able to approach senior staff and managers in the same way as their other colleagues: an open culture in the workplace is preferred rather than strict rules and segregation between staff. This helps to establish a friendlier and more relaxed working environment which is favourable to millennials.


Graduate and trainee schemes which give the opportunity for progression are highly desired. Make it an attractive prospect by giving them a chance to embark on a career path rather than just offering a job. When asked, graduates spoke highly of the Fortune 500 companies who guarantee management positions after two years of hard work in their graduate schemes. Schemes that allow for flexibility could be a great compromise and allow you to attract the best talent to your business.


Clear, open and honest communication throughout the recruitment process is highly valued by this generation: they like to know what they’re letting themselves in for and what they are expected to give in return. A give and take approach is therefore best as it gains respect from this highly sought-after demographic.

Attractive Brand

The millennial generation seem to show a lot of loyalty towards brands that they love and this could be good news for you. If you have a strong and fun brand people will start to hear about you and pass on positive feedback to others. More and more social media and review sites are being used to find out exactly what a company is like to work for, so reputation is an important aspect to get right.

Online Presence

As mentioned previously, social media is now an important tool when it comes to recruitment and generating general interest in your company. Build up your social media profiles, allow applications to be accessed on mobile phones, and use it to interact with potential employees and advertise job opportunities. This will give talented millennials the impression that you are a modern company that they would be interested in being a part of.

Build relationships

Career fairs at universities are a great way to meet future graduates and give them an idea about who you are and what you’re like to work for. You get to make yourself and your company known to hundreds of potential employees, as well as keeping in contact with those who you believe have the potential to be what you’re looking for once they’re qualified.

So if you’re finding it difficult to attract millennials to your vacancies, consider the above and adjust your recruitment strategy and approach accordingly. It’s all about providing them with an opportunity they cannot turn down in order to secure the talent you need to progress your business.