Attracting and Retaining Generation C

Attracting and Recruiting Generation C (Connected)

As new generations of workers continue to emerge, companies must modify their recruitment strategy in order to appeal to the latest generation. Generation C was titled such by Nielsen who used the terms to refer to those aged 18-34 who lead a predominantly digital lifestyle; the ‘C’ standing for ‘connected’. Due to their tech-savvy nature, Generation C workers can provide your organisation with the necessary skills to ensure your company is up to speed with the progression of the latest technology and its influence in the business world. Furthermore, their goal-orientated and problem-solving nature makes them extremely valuable to your company. So how do you attract such workers to your roles and retain them?

Attracting Generation C

The best way to engage with this group of workers is to do so where they are: online. Social networking sites are the best source of communication with Generation C due to their increased significance in the past two years: 86% of jobseekers have a social network profile. LinkedIn and Twitter have become important recruitment tools for organisations in terms of reaching out to talented, on-the-go candidates who are glued to their digital devices. Ensure you’re using social media to display your latest vacancies and keep jobseekers up to date with the latest company news. Not only will this attract more Generation C jobseekers, but it will also enable them to share your opportunities across their extensive network, which will expose your opportunities to a wider audience.

Many companies mistakenly assume that money is the main motivator for those belonging to Generation C. However, many studies have indicated that in fact job satisfaction, career growth opportunities and work-life balance are far more important for these workers. Therefore you should tailor your job ads to stress these aspects of the role, rather than putting the emphasis on salary and benefits.

Retaining Generation C

Once you have succeeded in attracting and hiring Generation C workers, the trick now is retaining them. Although their connectedness provides your business with extensive networks, creative problem-solving skills and the initiative to work independently, workers belonging to this generation are also considered to be disloyal due to their habit of job hopping. But this is a stereotype and it is up to you as the employer to combat their instinct to up sticks and find a new opportunity.

You can do this by offering perks such as flexible working hours, as this generation is particularly concerned with their work-life balance and the ability to control this. The work environment should be fun and engaging, with the freedom to use social networking sites as long as it’s used for work purposes: if you’re having trouble controlling this then it’s a problem with the employee not the policy. Offering plenty of opportunities for advancement in the company will appeal to their goal-orientated nature. If their job role is clear cut and they are kept updated on opportunities for career development in both the near and distant future, your Generation C workers will maintain motivation as they have a clear goal to work towards.

So if you want to ensure your company continues to progress, you’ll need to make sure you’re hiring workers from Generation C in order to stimulate and encourage this growth with their skills in the digital world. By tweaking your recruitment strategy you can attract such candidates to your vacancies. Once such employees are installed in your business, you’ll need to make efforts to retain them by appealing to their preferred work environment. By doing so, you will ensure they stay loyal to your organisation thus not contribute to turnover costs.