Top Tips for Attracting Talent to Your Small Business

eRecruit Solutions and their top tips for attracting talent to your small business

We’re sure it’s not breaking news for SMEs that big businesses have many advantages when it comes to winning over talent in the recruitment war. But don’t be disheartened! Small businesses can put up a good fight to claim the talented individuals they require; your recruitment strategy just needs to focus on achieving this goal. Here are eRecruit Solutions’ top tips for tempting top talent away from large companies to your small business.

Highlight the benefits.

Unfortunately, SMEs have developed a reputation of being high risk, with less benefits than the shiny, big brands of larger companies. Therefore it’s your job to combat these myths and help talented individuals realise how much you can offer them in terms of their career development. For instance, your roles likely offer more responsibility and opportunities to take on a variety of tasks in comparison to the same/similar role in a large company. Explain how this will enable them to expand their skill set and gain more valuable experience. Point out that if they join your business, they will have the chance to work closer with those in managerial positions. This will encourage their career development by exposing them to the skills and qualities needed to hold a senior role, as well as providing them with the guidance they need to progress. Inform these talented candidates that job satisfaction tends to be higher in a SME: they would have closer relationships with their co-workers, as well as more involvement in projects and their outcome. All of these benefits prove that you can offer a potential candidate just as good a deal – if not a better one – as a big company, thus you need to emphasise these points when advertising your positions.

Expose your company culture.

The main advantage big companies have is the exposure of their company culture/brand as this is what captures the attention of talented individuals and inspires them to want to work there. As a SME, you need to make jobseekers more aware of who you are, what your vision is and where your company is going. You need to present your business as an exciting thing to a be a part of: inform them of your notability in the industry, the products/services you offer and are looking to launch, as well as your potential to progress in the next few years. By exposing the company’s ambitions you will tempt talent to apply for your vacancies as they’ll want to be a part of the exciting evolvement of your business. Show how your employees benefit from your company culture by advertising it on your website through video content. Include interviews with your current staff answering questions about the opportunities they’ve had so far and why working for you is so great. Social media is also a great platform to get your company brand out there, appealing to a large network of jobseekers.

Target potential candidates.

To find talented candidates for your roles you need to make sure your vacancies are displayed in the right places to ensure those you want to see your job adverts are exposed to your opportunities. This means thinking about your recruitment strategy: does it work in terms of targeting the right people for your opportunities? If you’re having a hard time understanding which job boards to be posting your job roles on then you can always call on the services of eRecruit Solutions. We are experts in online recruitment, thus we can make sure your adverts are not only advertised in the best places but worded in such a way that they have a better chance of appealing to the talented individuals you require.

So if you’re a SME puzzling over how to compete with big businesses when it comes to attracting top talent, consider these three tips. They can help you to adjust your recruitment strategy so your vacancies have a better chance of attracting talented individuals and convincing them that your company is perfect in terms of supporting their career development.