Creating Attractive Job Ads for the Right Candidate


With the volume of both applications and job postings continuously increasing in today’s job market, it’s vital that your job advert not only stands out from the crowd, but actually attracts the right candidates to your role. As well as appealing to the most suitable jobseekers for your vacancy, your job ad also needs to dissuade those who are unsuitable, present you in a good light and include coherent instructions on the next steps the jobseeker should take.

Know your target audience.

Before you create your job advert you need to know exactly what sort of candidate you’re looking for. Think about the demographic your advert needs to appeal to and the qualities they’ll need to possess in order to succeed in the role. Once you’ve decided on this you’ll need to come up with keywords that will attract jobseekers who possess the right skills, experience and values for your vacancy.

Hone your headline.

The best way to do this is to include the job title in your headline and make sure it is obvious exactly what the role is. This should prevent jobseekers from getting confused and applying to positions they are not suited to or qualified for. If the job title is unavoidably complex, use the strap line or a small introductory paragraph to explain what the purpose of the role is. This will increase the likelihood of jobseekers understanding the vacancy and thus only applying if they’re suitable.

Keep it simple.

Don’t use jargon as this will only confuse jobseekers which will either prevent suitable candidates from applying or result in people sending in inappropriate applications. Try to use vocabulary that your target audience are familiar with so they’re attracted to the advert and to ensure their reading experience is a positive one. Use bullet points and concise paragraphs to separate your main points rather than one large paragraph so it’s quick and easy to read. Address the reader throughout by using phrases such as ‘you will be responsible for…’ so they can picture themselves in the role and feel as if the ad is speaking directly to them. Finally, make sure you include a call to action in order to convince any suitable candidates who are sitting on the fence to click the ‘apply’ button. This should highlight the benefits of the position, the potential for progression, etc. Conclude this with straightforward instructions on how they can submit their application.

What makes you unique?

Particularly if your company is well-known, branding your advert can help to attract jobseekers who are passionate and have a keen interest in working for your organisation. Simply including your logo and/or company name can ensure talented individuals are drawn to your job advert. In addition, include details about what makes your organisation different – what are the perks of working for you? For instance, if you offer flexible working then by mentioning this in the job ad you’ll appeal to candidates who are suited to this style of work. Making it clear what your most important values are will help you to draw in those who share such values and therefore are likely to be suitable for your vacancy.

So if you’re currently struggling to attract the right candidates to your job adverts, consider these four tips to help you sort the diamonds in the rough. If you’re still struggling, remember eRecruit Solutions has an excellent team on hand to produce successful job adverts for your vacancies. The more focused your job advert is to your target audience, the better chance it has of enticing the right jobseekers to your vacancy thus you’re more likely to make the correct hire for your business.