Avoid Common Recruitment Pitfalls


Recruitment isn’t always an easy process. Unfortunately, much time and money is often wasted with companies unable to fill job vacancies the first time around. This can be avoided by finding a good recruitment agency to work with – one that provides a shortlist of relevant candidates for a low-cost, fixed fee. But don’t just rely on recruitment agencies to avoid the pitfalls of hiring – there are a handful of things you can be doing too.

Don’t expect a clone. A common mistake made by interviewers is to look for someone who has done the exact job at a similar company. On the surface, this may sound practical, but it discounts candidates with adaptable skills, high potential and resourcefulness. There might be dozens of candidates who fit the job spec, but don’t necessarily have the qualities to thrive. Always look beyond the CV and get a sense of the person.

Try not to rush recruitment. Successful hiring can take time. Putting candidates through a fair and balanced process can’t be done in a few hours. Think ahead and give yourself time to recruit thoughtfully and thoroughly. Good recruitment agencies will provide a shortlist of suitable candidates, so it’s important to pick the one who best fits the company. Resist the urge to employ the first ‘suitable’ person who comes along. Sticking to a fair and unrushed recruitment process will pay off in the long-run.

Always involve key staff in the interview process. Managers or leaders who are responsible for the new employee should be involved in at least one stage of the interview process. Perhaps involve an employee who performs the same job function too; the opinion of someone who is close to the criteria could offer invaluable insight.
Resist offering the job after only one interview. It could be tempting to hire a candidate who has just given a stellar performance – so why shouldn’t you? For a start, you may be discounting a number of equally-impressive candidates who are yet to be interviewed. Remember to not be hasty. Take your time and schedule a second interview. Also, get other employees involved to see if they share your enthusiasm.

Don’t advertise for a superhero. Many job ads tend to be overzealous and too demanding with background, experience and skills. However, too much specification can be off-putting. Ask whether the criteria in your advert is essential. Keeping job ads basic will not only attract a better response, but will free up the criteria upon which candidates are judged. Advertise for a cross-section of candidates, not imagined superheroes with unrealistic track records. Good recruitment agencies will be able to tailor a perfect advert for you.

Stop using costly recruitment agencies. This should go without saying, yet so many companies still throw untold money at recruiters. The recruitment market is competitive, with many recruiters offering a better service for less cost. Traditional recruitment agencies may eventually find the right candidate, but a lot of time and money is usually wasted in the process. This is the twenty-first century – and whether you’re looking for sales recruitment or call centre recruitment, flat fee recruitment agencies can find relevant and qualified candidates for a one-off, low cost.