Avoiding Traditional Recruitment Agencies – The Smart Way of Recruiting

How to avoid traditional Recruitment Agencies

Many businesses want their hiring process to be as simple and seamless as possible. We at eRecruit think this is a great idea, but hate to see so many companies fall into the trap of thinking that going with a standard recruitment agency is the best way to do this. Spending a lot of extra cash along the way and not necessarily getting the best candidates can be the reality behind a lot of recruitment agency contracts. Spending your time and money wisely is the way forward, so take a look at some of the reasons for avoiding agencies.

Short Supply Chain

Candidates on the roll at your average job agency have been passed from person to person and sometimes even come through multiple agencies before they arrive at yours. When this isn’t the case, the candidates have often been sourced from online job boards – where recruiters like us can source them, but do not charge a fee for each one hired. Allowing candidates to apply to your vacancy directly simplifies the process, and also makes it more candidate friendly. Some large recruitment agencies do not explain the hiring process well to candidates, meaning some can end up going for unsuitable vacancies, or vacancies they don’t really want. Directly sourcing candidates means they are more interested in your vacancy, and subsequently more likely to stay in their new position once hired.

High Calibre Candidates

Not in every instance, but some of the time, agency candidates are not the most proactive and savvy of candidates. Recruiters that find CVs on databases and encourage the candidate to apply for your role is great, if the candidate is really interested in the role – which isn’t always the case. eRecruit candidates are all active jobseekers that have found your vacancy online and sent through their CV accordingly, meaning they have often tailored their application to communicate best their suitability for your role. This means the quality of the screened CVs you receive is heightened and the rest of the hiring process is more seamless. As well as this, eRecruit manually screen CVs to match the criteria set out by you, meaning you don’t receive applications from anyone deemed unsuitable.

Saving Money

One of the most important reasons for avoiding traditional agencies is the extortionate fees that accompany them. Paying a cost per person hired is an outdated recruitment model. With flat-fee recruitment, you can hire as many people as necessary under one price – a fraction of what you would pay for each agency candidate. If already using an agency, you may be under the impression that you’ve negotiated a great rate on your cost per hire. The reality is, other higher paying clients are probably receiving better quality candidates, with more experience and qualifications. As we discussed previously, job agency candidates have often been plucked from the same job boards through which eRecruit candidates apply, meaning that you can tap into the same pool of talent, hire as many of them as you like and not pay excessive fees.