Behind the Scenes at eRecruit Solutions by Tiffany Balson


Time for a blog from the client services side of the office…

We’re a world away from what the sales team do here, on a daily basis we deal with the ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that the world of flat fee recruitment involves. Once a new role comes in, it then gets passed onto the client services team to write a fully enhanced SEO advert, the advert gets uploaded onto our network of 1800 job boards; we then manually screen every single CV that comes into our inbox and pass on relevant candidates according to the client’s job specification. We can screen as loosely or as tightly as you want; if you wish to have every single CV then that is absolutely fine – one of the perks of the flat fee pricing structure. We also speak with candidates every day whether it be answering any queries they may have with regards to the particular job they are interested in or helping our clients with their recruitment process, and any other general questions they may have. We even speak to members of the public to give out the correct number of the hippodrome (we have their old number)! No two days are ever the same here!

Alongside my client services role I am also Executive Assistant to the three Directors, which is a challenge in its self to the say the least. It can involve anything from organising a weekend in Berlin, ordering desks to buying our beloved kitchen roll.

The world of online recruitment may be a relatively new thing to most people but it’s only a matter of time before it’s classed as the ‘norm’ and eRecruit Solutions are flying the flag for both their value and commitment to keeping their clients happy and always coming back for more.