The Benefits of Hiring Non-Graduates

As we mentioned last week, hiring graduates certainly has its benefits: they have a strong skill set, they’re comfortable with new technologies they could net be a high-performing candidate in the long-term. However, perhaps unbeknown to some, there are also a lot of great candidates out there without degrees. Though a large proportion of jobs will ask for a degree as standard, for young people entering the job market without a degree this can really limit the jobs that they’re able to apply for. Electing to hire non-graduates is one of the recruiting strategies that companies are increasingly turning to- here are the main benefits of the practice.

More Experience!

The time graduates spent at university was probably spent by non-graduates gaining experience in the workplace. And with the importance that is placed upon work experience in the modern job market, it could be an invaluable asset for firms that are becoming frustrated with the lack of experience that many graduates may have.

Workplace Skills

Subsequently, although a graduate may have gained a general skill-set whilst at university – the likes of teamwork, communication and presenting – others will have gained different skills that may be more workplace-specific. If they have a few years of successful experience in a certain field and could go easily slot into their next role then it would also save the employer time and money on training costs.


One general skill that a lot of non-graduates are likely to hold over a large percentage of graduates is that of punctuality in the workplace. Many degrees are essentially taught on a work from home basis- with between 5-10 contact hours not at all uncommon on a lot of university courses. As a result of that, the levels of punctuality gained from some time in the workplace – especially through full-time work – could prove to be invaluable for an employer due to the reduced time and cost involved in getting a new employee up-to-speed.

Lower Wages

Although it’s true that graduates earn less than hugely experienced candidates, new entrants into the job market without a degree are likely to earn less than graduates. Naturally we wouldn’t recommend that the NHS starts hiring unqualified doctors, or that multinational firms take on translators who can’t speak another language, but in certain industries the skills outlined here may well be held in higher regard than others- meaning you get a highly-skilled employee for a lower wage.


Many companies appear to want to hire graduates out of habit, making the decision to widen the net somewhat could prove to be a clever move. But by using the recruiting services of a flat fee online recruitment agency such as eRecruit Solutions, you can easily send over job specifications and our team of recruitment specialists will create a web enhanced advert that is tailored to your specific needs.