Getting the Most From Employees

Companies invest much time and money into recruitment – as they should. Acquiring the right talent is vital for developing your business quickly and effectively, helping it to grow and increasing profits. However, daily routines can bring even the most motivated and valuable employees down a peg or two. This is where bosses need to be clever.

It’s no secret that a happy employee is a productive employee. It is therefore essential for bosses to maintain happiness throughout the working week, which in turn creates optimum levels of performance. Good leadership generates wellbeing and enthusiasm, as well as a sense of contribution and reward.

Nurturing this culture will not only help retain the best talent, but attract it too. Even if you work with a recruitment agency, your company’s recruitment starts with you: your company culture and employer brand. Recruitment agencies like ours will always source the most relevant and qualified employees, but it’s up to you to keep them. If you’re yet to partner with a recruitment agency, be sure to do so – it’s an essential step for successful recruitment. With eRecruit, you can benefit from the entire recruitment service, all for a low-cost fixed fee. As an online recruitment agency, we source the best candidates for your roles without breaking the bank.

In the meantime, here are some ways to create a culture of motivation and morale.

Realistic and defined goals

All companies must define their objectives, personality and philosophy. These values must then be passed down to all levels of employees. Quite simply, everyone should understand the business’s culture and breathe it. Reaching goals and fulfilling company objectives is a great way for employees to feel integral to a team.

Room for development and progression

Never neglect education and training. If employees cannot progress within a company, they will naturally look for opportunities elsewhere. Bosses need to foster a culture of development and progression, so employees not only feel valued, but also inspired to climb the ladder.

Regular appreciation

The smallest comment or reward can make all the difference. Too many bosses fail to congratulate or thank their employees for good work. Appreciation for excellent work is enough to keep your talent on side and motivated; they will naturally crave more work and challenges. Also, remember to listen to ideas and contributions, and where possible, ask for employee opinion and advice.

Always give feedback

This can be done in regular meetings, appraisals, or simply after completion of a project. Either way, not giving feedback can cause employee uncertainty, frustration, worry or apathy – none of which is good for your company. Sit down and get to know your employees’ career goals and see how your company can start helping to fulfil those goals. Building a positive, one-to-one rapport will encourage and inspire, making employees feel more valued, instead of being just another cog in the wheel.

Ultimately, it is up to bosses to be creative and come up with clever ways to improve employee motivation and retention. Just don’t leave it too late.