Giving Candidates the Best Recruitment Experience

Giving the best Recruitment Experience

In this bustling job market, it’s becoming clearer that providing candidates a positive recruitment experience leads to successful employment and also happy workers. While it’s difficult to spend a lot of time on every applicant, there are plenty of small measures you can put in place to ensure a more positive experience for jobseekers, giving a better impression of you as a company and making them more incentivised to work for you.

Make it Easy:

For jobseekers, it can be really disappointing to find a vacancy that would’ve been ideal for them has already been filled or the date has been missed. Only a few candidates will find you on the careers page of your website, and the rest are all searching through the UKs job boards. Getting your ad out there and circulated means that candidates searching for the role can find yours quickly and easily. Furthermore, the online application process is preferable to a lot of jobseekers, as they can upload their CV in minutes.

Be Helpful:

Applying to jobs isn’t easy and lots of candidates spend time worrying about what they should put in. As much detail you can give about the type of person you’re looking for is beneficial for the candidate as it will help them tailor their application appropriately. Aside from this, eRecruit run a whole online publication, Career Savvy, which provides free career advice to every one of our candidates. This means that every eRecruit applicant gets a free resource sent to them, regardless of whether their CV is being passed over or not.


Keen candidates are often eager to get in touch and find out how their application is doing, or find more information out about the vacancy. Luckily, the client services team at eRecruit take care of candidate queries and offer a response/confirmation for every single application. Most jobseekers hear nothing from the majority of applications they send off, so the ones they receive confirmation of will be a breath of fresh air. This is great for you as it means the candidates will be even more keen to work with you, after experiencing your efficient and organised recruitment process. In short – everyone’s happy!

Cutting corners with recruitment might seem like a good method on face value, but not considering the effects on the side of the candidates means you could be missing out on top talent. It really doesn’t take any grand gestures to keep candidates happy – efficient recruitment attracts efficient staff after all!