Black Belts in Online Recruitment Spend by Jon Taylor

So, how do I follow Stewart and Joe’s fantastic blog entries? Well let’s start off with an introduction…

I’m Jon Taylor and have been at eRecruit since September. I’m really lucky to be joining the flat fee recruitment revolution here at eRecruit Solutions, especially now that many companies are looking to save substantial amounts of money (and time) on recruitment. The advantages of using flat fee recruiters over agencies speaks for itself but may I be the first to recommend the video on the homepage… not only is it under two minutes long it’s also better than most of Nicholas Cage’s films (apart from Face Off – I liked that one!).

Anyway, at eRecruit I love the fact that daily I can speak to Managing Directors and HR Directors, giving them an opportunity to save up to 80% on their recruitment spend, save up to 10 hours from screening CVs but also maintain the highest possible calibre of candidate due to the vast network of 1,800+ job boards that we use. It really is a no brainer, especially when you tell them they can hire as many people as they want for one flat fee. Also we don’t stop in the UK – we’re now the one-stop, fixed fee recruitment solution for any job opening across the USA and Australia.

On a personal note, when I’m not saving the Recruitment world from spending thousands with agencies I am very much into my sport. Having the knees of a 50 year old hasn’t helped my football career after a promising start when I was 16 years of age, but I try and play now and again. At the moment I’m very much into Brazilian Ju Jitsu (i.e rolling around on the floor with other men as the guy’s in work have stated). Not quite a black belt just yet, but I can be pretty mean when I want to be! In addition with the unfortunate circumstance of being Welsh I’m (stereotypically) very much a rugby fan and when the guys on this side of the bridge actually understand what I’m saying we do have a good bit of Anglo-Welsh banter… Normally with me on the receiving end. Roll on the 6 Nations!