Branded vs Non-Branded Recruitment – Which is More Effective?

Branded Recruitment vs Non-Branded Recruitment

No doubt your company has put a lot of time and effort into building a solid brand that reflects the voice of the company, as well as its values and services. When it comes to recruitment however, a lot of HR teams are at loggerheads as to whether running branded or non-branded recruitment is the best route to go down. A study carried out by member-based advisory company CEB found that, globally, 78% of companies have carried out some form of branded campaign in the last three years. The overall results of these being that the branded campaigns attracted more applications, but a lower percentage of relevant ones.

Big vs Small

Large-scale studies like these make it difficult to draw conclusions about branded campaigns in general, as recruitment has different needs and outcomes for different sectors and businesses. Any large, national or multinational business that puts its name to a recruitment campaign will reap in a large amount of results. This is because candidates will already be actively seeking roles in companies that they have heard of and know well. Smaller companies, however, are unlikely to be able to conjure the same effect for their campaigns. So could it be a case of branded recruitment relying heavily of the size of the organisation when considering how effective it will be?

Smaller Net, Fresher Fish

Branded campaigns attract a higher volume of candidates – but is this always a good thing? Not if the advertising is attracting larger amounts of erroneous and irrelevant applications. To combat this, recruiters are beginning to run campaigns that re more refined and stringent – the idea being to attract a smaller but better audience. In some ways, non-branded campaigns can help this along. They encourage candidates to focus on the requirements set out in the job description and criteria for applying, rather than the company they’re applying to. Having said that, a balance needs to be reached, where the candidate can receive enough information about the sector and type of business the role is based at, without knowing who the employer is straight off the bat.

Overall, it seems there can be benefits to both branded and non-branded recruitment campaigns. The best use of both will heavily depend on the company recruiting and the role on offer. Luckily, at eRecruit Solutions we work on the basis that every recruitment campaign is different, opting for a bespoke approach rather than a one size fits all. To find out how we can help you, get in touch with one of our team today.