How to Bring Graduates into Your Business

eRecruit Solutions can help bring Graduates into your Business

Graduates provide a great talent pool to dip into when looking to expand your business and introduce new talent. In reality, lots of companies are unaware of the benefits that graduates can bring to the company. So what do you need to know about hiring graduates? And what are the best ways to do it?

Offer Training

Graduates can have a great knowledge base but a lack of workplace based skills. Many may have quite general degrees that have seen them practise a lot of skills to a high level, but not in a context that translates directly into a job sector.  This is where you step in! Having to train your new recruits is a positive thing – mostly because you can get them used to the way you do things. They have no existing preconceptions of how things should be done and will pick up any new technology you have begun using more quickly. Home-grown talent like these plants the roots for your future senior staff and business leaders.

Offer Good Prospects

Leading on from our previous point, graduate ground-level staff are there to rise through the ranks. Upon entering training, most will be ready for a managerial or senior role within a few years. You have to remember they are graduates for a reason: they have taken on a degree in the hope that it will lead them to better prospects. Depending on the size of your company, offering a structured scheme to train your graduates within is fantastic way of easing them into these higher roles. This will not only attract more graduates to apply to you in the first place, but will keep them engaged and developing their skills during their time with you.  Ambitious entry requirements attract ambitious candidates, after all!


As graduate recruitment targets a specific audience, it’s important to publicise you campaign in the right way. There are many factors that ensure you can do this.

Graduates come from all over, so limiting your campaign to a certain location will limit the amount of traffic your campaign receives. eRecruit can help you run a nationwide campaign that will reach graduates across the UK – covering all universities.

In a similar way, it is important that your campaign gets posted across as many online job boards as possible. While there are a small amount of ‘top’ job boards that receive the most traffic, you’re ideal candidate could always be looking at a different one! It’s always best to cover all bases.

Most companies prefer to employ new graduates once a year at the same time every year. So while this counts as a high volume campaign, it doesn’t necessarily need to be continuous. Popular times to recruit graduates are usually September, or the start of the calendar year. Recruiting graduates sporadically will mean you’re recruiting at times where there aren’t large amount of graduates, or soon to be graduates, applying.