‘Sworn Off… Then Switched Back On’ by Gemma Scarlett-Adams

Beginning my career in recruitment at the ripe old age of 19, I worked across varying sectors and in many different capacities. I left my last role in London where I had ‘sworn off’ the recruitment industry entirely, after years of the alarm sounding at unholy hours of the morning and working way too late into the evening, I decided to pursue something more fulfilling and slower paced so of to Thailand I went….

After a year of lazing the day away under the Thai sun and some thorough research in to Thailand’s greatest assets (the “Buckets of Fun”) it was most definitely time to re-join the rat race and rebuild my career in a new direction – after all I had sworn off of recruitment for good…!

Joining the team at eRecruit Solutions has been a smooth and wholly fulfilling transition. And although I have had to eat my words regarding the recruitment industry, I feel I have finally joined a company where I wholeheartedly believe in the product and the value of a service delivering cost effective excellence.

Moving forward I absolutely accept the challenge of changing the ideas and attitudes towards an industry which is largely disregarded as a ‘necessary evil’ – after all my own perception has done a complete 180 degree turn, and no longer am I sworn off forever; in fact I look forward to being part of the next big thing…!