Building Your Sales Team – Trainees vs Experienced Senior Staff

Building Your Own Sales Teams

There are many reasons you may be hiring sales professionals: from company growth to the need to fill vacancies and bring in people with a different set of skills. Whatever the reason, there are benefits and drawbacks to the employment of sales trainees or senior sales professionals with a strong background. As sales recruitment specialists, eRecruit Solutions have taken a look at the reasons for hiring candidates from both ends of the spectrum.


Graduates, school leavers or junior professionals can all shape up to be great candidates and add real value to your business. A major benefit of hiring trainees is just that – they are minds for you to mould. You can train them to use any techniques you like, and they will develop their knowledge base in a way that is specific to your company/industry. Sometimes it can be beneficial to start with a blank slate! A lot of skills needed for sales are personal. This means you can fish from a large pool, because people from all kinds of academic and vocational backgrounds can possess sales skills. All these factors mean that when you meet potential candidates, you need to use a different perspective to that which you would use when meeting experienced candidates. Imagine them as a blueprint rather than a finished model: considering their potential rather than scrutinising their limited background.


One of the main benefits senior employees is that over the years, they should have built up a good amount of business contacts over the years, giving them a solid place to start when they begin working with you. Ideally, you are looking for sales staff that are naturally confident in their own abilities. It is your job to ensure that this confidence is based on a proven track record, however. It is likely that, when meeting experienced candidates, they will have developed their own style of pitching and their own techniques. It will benefit you more to look at them objectively and decide whether you feel they will sell your product/services well or not. Unlike trainees, experienced staff can be harder to mould, so accepting a diversity of talent will enable you to be more open minded towards your hires.

When deciding which end of the spectrum to recruit for, look realistically at what the typical salaries are for various levels of experience within your industry. This will give you a good idea as to what you can expect to source for what you can offer. eRecruit can help you source a range of sales professionals, as well as filtering their CVs to match your criteria.