Call Centre Recruitment – The Biggest Challenges

Call Centre Recruitment Challenges

With over one million UK people employed in call centres, the industry is as busy and bustling as ever. Subsequently, lots of employees require lots of HR and lots of recruitment. This throws up a lot of issues specific to the call centre industry that require a little more attention from hiring managers. As call centre recruitment experts, we thought we’d share some tips on how to handle some of the industry’s more trying challenges.

High Turnover

Many candidates turn to call centre work for a more short-term career solution and to earn a bit of cash. As it’s such a popular industry, it also means that staff can hop from one workplace to another with more ease that in other sectors. There are a couple of ways this can be combated:

Employee retention: take measures to incentivise and encourage staff to develop a career in your company. Ways to do this include offering further training to allow staff to develop their skills while they are with you. Ensuring there is a structure in place that allows employees to progress in their career is key, and so is making them aware of it. Scheduling progress meetings and offering regular opportunities for promotion are great ways to do this.

Continuous Recruitment: prepare for loss of staff by creating a solid strategy for continuous recruitment. Advertising for new staff on a rolling basis will provide you with a steady flow of candidates that you can feed into the company gradually. If considering doing this, using a flat-fee recruitment model is the most effective way of saving money, as you can set up your recruitment budget for the year and pay one fixed price.

Low Exposure

A lot of call centres can struggle to fill the amount of vacancies they have or have a lack of buzz surrounding their recruitment campaigns. To combat this, it’s important to ensure that vacancies advertised have the right amount of exposure – especially for high volume recruitment campaigns. Utilising online recruitment has therefore become key when it comes to finding call centre employees. This means that advertising on a handful of job boards doesn’t quite cut it – even if there are the most popularly used. Teaming up with a specialist online recruitment provider such as eRecruit can allow you access to 1800 job boards and social media sites. This gets job adverts the great coverage they require, and in turn helps to generate a large amount of applications.