Call Centre Recruitment – What Skills Should Your Candidates Possess?

Call Centre Recruitment

When it comes to call centre recruitment, vacancies often attract people from a large variety of backgrounds. On the plus side, this makes it easier to generate a large amount of applications, but the drawbacks can be that it is harder to identify what type of candidates would be the best fit for your role. eRecruit specialise in call centre recruitment and have put our heads together to provide some advice on the subject.


Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether you would rather employ experienced or inexperienced staff. There are benefits of hiring both, and the circumstances of your vacant positions will probably determine which you go for. Either way, it helps you focus your recruitment campaign much more of you can narrow down the criteria through which you want your candidates to be screened. And a good place to start is experience. There’s no need to pigeonhole your requirements to call centre experience, as you may find plenty of suitable candidates that have customer service or office experience. Many of these skills are transferable to the type of work they’ll be doing within your contact centre and can easily be developed within a contact centre environment.


As with experience, the level of education that you require from your candidates can also differ greatly. Hiring management and supervisor staff means that you may consider hiring graduates, whereas outbound call roles are often suitable for school leavers. The average age of a call centre employee is just 26, and the roles attract a large volume of young people who opt to go straight into work rather than get a degree. From this pool, consider asking for Maths and English GCSEs, so that you can be sure your staff have a good level of literacy and numeracy skills. You will be looking for staff that can become competent at admin and handling data, so it’s a good idea to have some academic requirements from your applicants.


Qualifications and experience can only get you so far, and there are several skills a great call centre employee possesses that can’t be taught in the classroom. While experience can help your employers develop and hone their skills, some people naturally enjoy and are good at interacting with customers and clients. Ideally, you need to have staff that are confident, talkative and have strong communication skills. Staff who enjoy their role have higher levels of productivity and are more dedicated to their role. Ensuring you implement people who genuinely like talking to and helping others really bolsters your business and creates a more positive atmosphere in your place of work, too. It’s important not to put this side of assessing candidates on the backburner when hiring.

Populating your call centre with new staff shouldn’t be any hassle when you know what you’re looking for. Working with eRecruit Solutions can help you identify what criteria you need your staff to fall under. They then carry out all the screening on your behalf, saving you heaps of time. Ideal!