Lessons to be Learned from Nev, Star of BBC Three Show The Call Centre

Lessons from The Call Office

With great pearls of wisdom such as ‘happy people sell’, ‘there’s no emotion without motion’ and ‘be less like an Eeyore and more like a Tigger’ it’s safe to say call centre owner Nev Wiltshire has made a big impact on his staff, and now the nation. With an unorthodox approach to management and an exuberant zest for life, there never seems to be a dull moment in this Swansea call centre. So what can we learn from Nev’s effective yet slightly mad methods?

1)      Happy People Sell

This is an ethos that’s difficult to disagree with. A vital part of building a successful sales team is to have a positive, buzzing atmosphere. Positivity encourages confidence, an essential trait in successful sales staff. This is especially vital with new recruits, as they are much more likely to succeed when surrounded by a team that are selling, setting a good precedent for them to follow. Whether you go to the extent of trying to mend your employees broken hearts is up to you, but having a jovial and fun office atmosphere can go a long way.

2)      Healthy Competition

‘There are winners and there are losers – that’s it!’ – Nev is a firm believer that sales staff need a bit of fire in their bellies. Challenging employees to arm wrestles and sprint races in the car park is admittedly a less than normal way of sparking their competitive spirit. However, a bit of competition speaks to an aspect of human nature that is hard to switch off. It can be a great tool for productivity, and subsequently successful sales records. Rewards and incentives for reaching certain targets are a great way of doing this.

3)      Sing When Your Winning

In Nev’s world, it’s important that victories are celebrated. Consequently, fist pumping and high-fiving are important daily rituals that mustn’t go amiss. Research suggests that recognition and praise are more important for job satisfaction than things such as salary and benefits, so it’s difficult to deny Nev might really be on to something here. Encouragement and praise are great tools for making workers happier, spurring the cogs of productivity and enthusiasm.

While getting your staff to sing along with you to One Direction might not be your style, it’s very fair to say that with Nev, there’s always a method in the madness. If business is growing and your sales team could do with a much needed boost, get in touch with sales recruitment specialists, eRecruit Solutions, today.