Understanding Candidate and Client Needs a Little Better

Understand the Client and Candidate relationship

In today’s job and HR market, traditional recruitment agencies can be tarred with a negative brush. This preconception that recruitment revolves around salary percentages, commission and sales is one being challenged every day by many recruiters that strive to match the perfect candidate with the perfect role. So how do we combat the negative preconceptions surrounding recruitment?

Putting the Candidate in Charge

The experience the candidate receives is crucial to the hiring process. It not only casts a reflection on the recruiter, but also the client too, which means it’s important we create a positive one. The great part about sourcing candidates online is that they find us through a vacancy that appeals to them, rather than being approached about a role that may not suit but needs to be filled. eRecruit’s large exposure online means that it’s not difficult to generate enough applications from candidate’s that see a vacancy they feel they fit the criteria for. Overall, this means the candidates have a similar experience to if they applied to the client directly, and utilise the freedom to peruse jobs and handle their own applications.

A Little Help

We think it’s important that candidates can receive the right help with preparing their application, in order to present themselves in right light. Despite feeling they match the criteria outlined in the job advert, a lot of candidates struggle to then present this on their CV. In an attempt to combat this, we set up a free online careers resource, Career Savvy. As well as publishing monthly, free online magazines, we began to populate the site with a wealth of career guidance and advice. Offering candidate’s resources such as these helps to make waves towards improving the applications that come through, which subsequently make it easier to check a candidate’s suitability for a vacancy.


Today’s job market requires communication between the recruiter and candidate. One of the most common frustrations in the eyes of a jobseeker is not hearing any response following a job application, not hearing back from an interview and so on. It should therefore be a prerogative of both the recruiter and the employer to ensure there is as much interaction with the candidate as possible. With large volumes of applications, it is unfortunate that this is not always possible. However, small measures do make a difference. Every eRecruit candidate receives a response from our team that confirms their application has been successfully received and will be screened by the team. The assurance that their CV is definitely being looked at is still a welcome thought to most jobseekers, who can often feel their applications go ignored by other recruiters/employers.

With a bit of extra effort and consideration, making the hiring process a better experience for candidate’s is actually quite simple to achieve. What are your suggestions for improving candidate experience? Leave us a comment below.