Candidate Relationship Management – It’s a two way process!

Recruiters are often bombarded with applications for job vacancies- you only have to think back to February this year when a new Costa Coffee that opened in Nottingham was inundated with over 1,700 applications for three full-time and five part-time roles. And whilst that’s perhaps an exaggerated incident, it’s not rare to see application forms run into the hundreds- leaving employers (or a recruitment specialists agency- if you’re wised up) with the inevitable task of sorting through them.

But even though it can be time-consuming, failing to let candidates know if they have been unsuccessful is one of many things that can frustrate them in the hiring process, potentially placing your company in a negative light along the way. That’s possibly the biggest gripe that candidates have with recruiters- here are a few more to avoid.

Be clear in your job ad

An unclear job description could mistakenly attract both applicants who are underqualified for the role and those who are overqualified – wasting everybody’s time. And the worst thing? If a suitable role were to come up for candidates like these in the future, they might be put off from applying because of a bad experience in the past.

Luckily, using the online recruitment services of eRecruit Solutions will help you avoid issues like these. Our team of recruitment specialists will produce a clear, concise, web-enhanced advert to post on up to 1,800 online job boards- making the headaches of the recruitment process a thing of the past.

Be friendly from day one

As soon as the initial contact with the candidate is made, then the recruitment process begins. But quality candidates could potentially be put off as early as this. Whether it’s a poorly-worded email response or a blunt interviewer, candidates should be treated with respect right the way through.

Make the process efficient!

It’s OK to have a thorough recruitment process, and it’s certainly wise to take your time with it. However, you have to be realistic and realise that the candidate won’t appreciate the whole process taking months. You’re not going to be the only company that people are applying to, so if it drags on too long then you could be losing quality candidates because your recruiting strategies weren’t efficient enough.

It’s a ‘no’ to endless interviews…

Sending applicants through endless screenings, phone interviews and face-to-face interviews can end up being a tad belittling towards skilled candidates. Once again, it’s absolutely fine to be thorough, but you shouldn’t need more than two interviews to ascertain whether the candidate is the right fit for your company.

Send a confirmation!

Candidates could spend hours perfecting their CV and application form, send it all off and then receive no confirmation that the employer has actually received it- causing even more worries after the stress of the application process. Make sure potential employees are fully aware that their application has been received by you and another avoidable annoyance will be dodged.