What Candidates Should Be Asking You

eRecruit Solutions discuss what questions Candidates should ask of you

It is one thing analysing the answers candidates provide to your questions during an interview when they are trying their best to tell you what you want to hear, but what about assessing the questions they ask you? This is a recruitment strategy that enables you to discover how deep their interest lies in the company as well as the position. Furthermore, you can also gain an idea of their ability to handle the job on offer and whether they would be a good cultural fit, as their questions can reveal a lot about the candidate’s character. So what should you look out for?

The ‘Red Flag’ Candidate

If a candidate insists they don’t have any questions and is looking eagerly towards the door, then your alarm bells should be ringing. It may simply be down to nerves, but if it’s clear that they have failed to prepare for this final stage of the interview then questions must be raised about their interest and passion, as well as their ability to handle the position. A clear indicator of a lack of preparation is if the candidate asks the wrong questions. Any queries about salary, holiday and what the company actually does shows they haven’t undertaken any research about the best and worst things to ask in an interview. Do you really want to hire someone who has failed to research every aspect of the interview?

The Clued-up Candidate

If a candidate has a sincere interest in joining your team, then their questions will be focused on whether they have done enough during the interview to impress you. For instance they may ask: ‘Now you’ve had the chance to discuss the role with me, do you have any apprehensions about hiring me for this position?’ This is a brave and bold question as it shows they’re prepared to hear your concerns and address them straight away to reassure you and improve their chances. If the candidate asks about the targets you would like the successful applicant to achieve once in the position, then this shows their determination to succeed and a real interest in what the role involves. Furthermore, if they refer to any of your recent products, services or news then the candidate has clearly made the effort to research your company as well as the position. Therefore you have before you someone who is dedicated and able to carry out thorough research. Not bad, right?

The Motivated Candidate

You need someone who has a good idea of where they want their career path to take them and the questions a candidate asks you can reveal just this sort of applicant. Questions such as ‘What is you company culture like?’, ‘What opportunities are there for progression within the company?’ and ‘How will you monitor my performance?’ all indicate that the candidate is not just out to get any job. They clearly place a lot of importance on finding the right working environment for them, actually putting some thought into their choice in order to secure their future. Qualities such as intelligence, motivation and the ability to make informed decisions can all be demonstrated by such questions, all of which are highly sought-after for any position.

So next time you’re conducting an interview, don’t just rely on the answers an applicant provides you but analyse their questions at the end of the interview. This will enable you to discover more about the candidate therefore making it easier to ascertain whether they are a good fit for the company and the right person for the job.