Attract Candidates with Effective Job Ads

Bring in Candidates with effective Job Ads

It’s not all about attracting a great number of candidates to your vacancy, but ensuring the majority of these are relevant and of a high calibre. If you use your job ads effectively you can draw in the best talent: high quality job ads attract high quality candidates. By improving the standard of your job ads you can increase the period of employment and decrease hiring time. As experts in creating successful job ads, eRecruit have some top tips for ensuring yours attract the right candidates.


A sure-fire way to attract an unsuitable candidate is if you’re unclear about the jobseeker’s requirements and the reality of what the job entails. It’s just as frustrating for a jobseeker when they turn up for an interview and they realise after receiving more details that their skills or qualities are actually not suited for the role. It’s a waste of everybody’s time, therefore to increase the likelihood of your applicants being suitable avoid downplaying the less attractive duties and exaggerating the best. If you’re honest, the expectations of your candidates will be realistic, thus they’re more likely to be a good fit for the company.


Writing an essay for the job description and a long list of specific requirements for the jobseeker will not help you to find the best candidates for your position. This will only seek to discourage many perfectly good candidates from applying, who just because they don’t tick some of the boxes will believe they are not up to scratch. Instead, focus on the main job functions and the most important skills and qualities you want the candidate to possess. It’s best for your requirements to be as succinct as possible so applicants are able to read and understand the information provided and want to find out even more about the role.


If there is a particular demographic you’re aiming this job at then make sure you’re advertising it in the right places. For example social media is certainly a route to go down if you’re searching for graduates or a young demographic in general, with the number of jobseekers using such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to search for jobs continuing to increase. Are there particular job boards that target your demographic? After the time you have spent creating the perfect job ad, you want to make sure you promote it in the best way to ensure your chances of attracting high calibre candidates are as high as possible.

How eRecruit can help:

There is a talent to creating the perfect job ad: time and effort is needed to make sure it is honest, concise and targeted at the correct jobseekers. If you struggle to dedicate the time and/or resources needed for producing successful job ads, then eRecruit can offer you the helping hand you need to solve this issue. By simply filling out a form with the details of your vacancy, eRecruit uses their expertise to provide you with a job ad which is bound to succeed. Therefore you can save time and feel reassured about the quality of your job ads by leaving them to the experts.

Just as you expect a candidate to make a good first impression, your job ad needs to make a lasting impression on jobseekers in order to encourage them to apply. You can achieve this by using the tips above which will also help you to attract relevant applicants with the talent to succeed in the role on offer.