Challenges in Recruitment

In the modern day job market, the challenges facing recruiters are stacking up- and recruitment specialists are constantly having to adapt to meet the latest demands of the challenging market. Here’s a summary of the main challenges facing companies.

Any Job Will Do!

With high unemployment and economic uncertainty, job seekers in the current climate have a habit of firing off several applications to loads of different employers: causing plenty of headaches for a recruitment specialists agency. This often means that candidates may not actually be suited to some of the roles that they’re applying to or they could lack the necessary skills to do the job.

There’s no real way to avoid this happening in the first place- unfortunately it’s just an offshoot of the current job market. The best way to deal with this is simply to be able to say ‘no’ and realise when a candidate isn’t right for the role being offered.

Volume of Applications

All these applications that are scatter-gunned around recruitment companies have to end up somewhere. Unfortunately, it’s usually in a big pile at a recruitment agency. The sheer number of applications can often cause problems in itself for recruiters, lengthening the recruitment process and not really helping anybody out.

The Cost

Some recruitment agencies will charge extortionate fees for hiring new candidates- which is where eRecruit Solution are different. By instead offering a flat fee recruitment service to companies, thousands of pounds can be saved in the process: overcoming another one of the challenges of recruitment.

Job Boards and Social Media

Effective use of job boards and social media can be instrumental to the success of a recruitment campaign, but on the flipside, they can be a minefield to navigate for those who aren’t prepared for them. Using the recruiting services of an online recruitment agency will ensure that the potential problems involved in these methods are easily avoided. The recruitment specialists at eRecruit target up to 1,800 job boards when advertising for a new role, ensuring that job boards and social media are a positive rather than a negative.

Candidate Retention

Even after a lengthy recruitment process where you were convinced that you had recruited the right candidate, things don’t always work out for a variety of reasons. Maybe the new employee didn’t have the skills required, maybe they didn’t get along with other employees, and maybe they just didn’t enjoy the role. It’s important to take extra care in ensuring that the candidate is the right fit for the company- this can be done through clear job descriptions, effective screening and efficient interviews. Through these, the candidate can be sure what the job entails, what the company culture is what skills are required.