Boost your Recruitment Methods with a Golden Ticket

Flat Fee Recruitment Golden Ticket

Many businesses easily fall into the trap of putting recruitment on the back burner, and sometimes it’s easy to see why. It’s time consuming, difficult and sometimes (often) tedious. This makes the team here at eRecruit solutions writhe in horror. This is because we truly understand how to recruit and how employees can come together to form well-oiled machines, collectively pushing productivity levels and driving business in a vertical direction. How can changing your recruitment methods improve your overall business performance, we hear you ask?

Fresh Talent

What’s wrong with putting ads in your local newspaper to promote a vacancy? Everything, actually. The type of people you need to come in and re-invigorate your business are not looking for jobs here. They’re searching the web high and low. Modern methods of recruitment generally lead to finding modern candidates.


Receiving a high volume of applicants for vacancies can be, and is, daunting for many employers. On the other side of this coin, jobseekers are going to further lengths to secure jobs, making them strive harder and want it more. Jobseeking isn’t a stroll in the park – far from it. This means that the people entering your business are tenacious, resilient and super eager to be there. It’s a great feeling when you know that you can reach folk who really actively want to work for you and achieve goals – be they personal or for the company.

High Calibre

As a result of high competition and an abundance of applicants per vacancy, there are many more candidates to choose from. Dipping into a large pool means that the chances of finding high quality employees increase significantly. If enough time and effort is put in, it means that you can easily find a candidate who would be the perfect fit for your company. If time and effort are not things you have in abundance, you could always pay a small flat-fee and get all the hard work done for you.

High quality candidates don’t just bring hard work and enthusiasm into your company, they also bring ambition and share the same goals as you. They have a solid CV, great references and a real drive to be the best. Allowing eRecruit Solutions to find the best of the bunch for you could be your golden ticket to a bigger and better workforce.