Do You Need to Change Your Recruitment Strategy?

Changing Your Recruitment Methods?

Are you struggling to find candidates of the right calibre? Do your new staff have little staying power? If recruitment is an ongoing frustration for your business, it could be time to change strategy. Here at eRecruit, we consistently bump into companies that continue to use the same recruitment methods, despite finding them unsuccessful. However, the winds of change are upon us. Here’s how you could tweak your recruitment strategy to make it more effective.

Change Your Criteria

If you’re struggling to find candidates with the right skills or experience, you could be chasing pink unicorns, i.e candidates that hardly exist. The requirements set out in your job ads are vital to ensuring you attract the right kind of people. To stringent a criteria and you risk losing out on potential great staff that may be only slightly underqualified, or possess transferable skills from a different sector. Luckily, our fully REC qualified team know recruitment inside and out, and can advise you on what the results your advert are likely to generate. We can then work with you to devise a job ad that will achieve a large amount of results, while also attracting relevant candidates.

Widen your Reach

It makes sense that, the more applications your vacancy receives, the higher the chance that you will be able to find the right person for the role. If relevant candidates are hard pressed for you to find, have a look at the current audience your vacancies reach – could it be bigger? At eRecruit, we access up to 1800 job boards, including the most commonly used ones by UK jobseekers. Not only this, we refresh our clients adverts week by week to ensure they consistently appear near the top of the search results. These measures ensure that we get plenty of applications whizzing in, which we then screen manually based on criteria set by you.

Attract Keen Jobseekers

Being in the recruitment game for over six years, we know a good candidate when we see one. We also know where the best can be found. Instead of approaching candidates with a vacancy that’s hardly relevant to them, we receive applications from proactive jobseekers who have sought out your role specifically. The benefits of this is they have spent a lot more time on their application and CV, rather than passing over a generic one that gives a basic overview of their skills. Candidates that have a real desire to work for you are the type that want to stay in their role and work their way up.

You needn’t spend more than necessary in order to get better quality candidates – sometimes all it takes is a change of tact. So have a look at how we could shake up and streamline your recruitment strategy.