100% Horse Free and Cheap Recruitment, by Mary Scudamore

horse meat

I was always told “when you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Ok, so we all know that when you buy cheap, more often than not you get lower quality. The more we hear about supermarkets passing off ready-meal lasagnes containing 75% horse meat the more you can be sure of that, but it’s not always the case.

The horse meat issue is of course a huge one, but I think the main problem here is the dishonesty from trusted supermarkets and brand names. As consumers we accept what’s written on a packet as the truth (we’ve never had a reason not to). It’s difficult to tell which companies, if any, have our best interests in mind, especially when they’re trying to make an easy profit. As a recruitment focused organisation, we’re in a similar position; clients don’t know if we’re telling the truth when we go in with an introductory call, there’s an element of trust as with any relationship. However, the proof of the pudding (or rather, lasagne) is in the eating – and we consistently deliver results, as promised.

Here at eRecruit Solutions, we can offer low prices and still guarantee a high quality, professional service. Sound impossible? Not at all – we do this by working closely with job boards and clients to ensure we run campaigns in the right places, for the right time periods and therefore at the right cost.

Don’t fall at the final fence, try a trusted, proven solution, with a no horse meat guarantee. Take a look at our testimonials page for a handful of our happy customers’ comments.