Choosing Between Two Top Candidates

Choosing Between Candidates

It’s an important decision that can impact the future of your company: choosing between two outstanding candidates. It doesn’t happen often, but as employers and recruiters, we are occasionally presented with this conundrum.

Their credentials will be similar: impressive academic achievements, demonstrable and relevant experience, and excellent portfolios showcasing previous success. These candidates will even interview similarly, proving their worth as employees and representatives of the company. Having two candidates like this to choose form is certainly pleasant, but not necessarily easy. In fact, it can be quite the predicament, begging the question: who do you choose?

When this situation arises, it’s important to take a step back and consider the sort of company culture each candidate is likely to create or help maintain. Think about your current business culture. Is it team-focused or do most employees work alone, only occasionally collaborating with each other? These are important questions to consider because they begin to refine the preliminary job criteria, helping to determine which candidate will best fit your company.

Next to think about is attitude. Which of the two potential employees has the kind of spark and passion you want in an ideal worker? That may sound like an obvious consideration, but it’s crucial, especially for engagement-focused companies.

Here are a few other essential questions you will want to ask yourself:

The candidates may be talented, but do they show the potential to go further?

Are they management material? Or, if your company has no room for that kind of hierarchical growth, do both candidates at least show the ability to grow and excel enough to ensure the continuing success of your business?

Keeping that in mind, what does each candidate actually want from their career? Do they want to work hard and go far, or are they comfortable indefinitely performing one job function?

If answering these questions still doesn’t help with your decision, why not give the candidates a reasonable project to work on. Invite them to the office on separate days to test their creativity and aptitude; see what they can produce under pressure. Just accepting this invitation shows they’re keen to take on a challenge – and if the work is completed on time and produces some impactful ideas or results, this will further help your decision.

Finally, never forget to assess each candidate’s references. Putting together a strong CV and portfolio is something all candidates can do when putting their minds to it. However, the opinion of former employees will prove an invaluable insight.

Of course, much of this stress can be avoided by working with a reliable, knowledgeable recruitment agency. Your recruiter will have already screened and vetted each candidate before making a short-list, so they’ll be able to advise on who they think will best fit your company. This service shouldn’t come at a premium either; a good online recruitment agency should only charge a one-off, low-cost flat rate. If you’re yet to partner with a recruitment agency, it is definitely worth looking into. Many online recruiters, such as eRecruit Solutions, offer the entire recruitment service for a fixed fee. It not only allows you to keep track of your cost per hire, but provides peace of mind whilst you focus on other areas of your business.