Inspired Outsourcing


The relationship Tracy has had with eRecruit Solutions spans over two different large contact centres in the North East, firstly 2Touch followed by Inspired Outsourcing. When she first started working with 2Touch, they had used several methods of recruitment including several different agencies, individual agreements with certain job boards and an internal referral scheme. The recruitment being carried out at 2Touch was ongoing and in bulk, so a solution to reduce costs was in need. By using eRecruit Solutions, they were able to scale back a lot of their use of agencies, pumping the budget into regular recruitment campaigns with eRecruit. They were then easily able to scale the amount of recruitment up and down depending on the current need. As agencies previously charged £450 per person hired, 2Touch were able to save £800,000 in just 18 months. 2Touch continue to work with eRecruit Solutions to date.

When Tracy moved to Inspired Outsourcing, she was keen to continue her good withstanding relationship with eRecruit. As Inspired Outsourcing was a relatively new start-up contact centre when Tracy joined, their recruitment had primarily been done through traditional recruitment agencies, with some use of job boards. Since Tracy joined, their recruitment has almost 100% been carried out through eRecruit Solutions. Other than an internal recruitment scheme and partnerships with local training providers, eRecruit have become the primary third-party recruitment partner. With roughly 60 heads per month to recruit, working with eRecruit has allowed Tracy and the team to receive 200 to 300 CVs of screened candidates per week on average, satisfying this high volume requirement.


The main challenges for recruitment have been markedly similar for 2Touch and Inspired Outsourcing. Primarily was the task of attracting the number of candidates required to fill seats, as well as candidate calibre and attrition. One solution eRecruit offered was the ability to be flexible with recruitment campaigns and try different things, including the ability to scale up the responses and boost advertising to meet the recruitment requirements. Due the long-standing relationship with eRecruit Solutions, Tracy finds that the team identify what they are looking for with ease and have always been adaptable to suit their needs.

Key Issues:

One of the most important issues for recruitment in the contact centre industry is exposure. It would be difficult and time consuming for Tracy and her colleagues to manage their own recruitment advertising with several suppliers as well as various relationships with a number of recruitment agencies, to obtain the exposure needed for such high volume recruitment needs. eRecruit Solutions offer them a one-stop shop, helping them to manage the recruitment process from start to finish, interpreting the requirements well enough to take the hassle away. The relationship saves Tracy and her team time, hassle and money.


One of the most important solutions offered by eRecruit for Tracy and her team was the ability to get the volume of applications through that were required at short notice, ‘turning the tap on’ when needed. This then allowed the company to grow at the necessary rate and meet head count targets. It’s safe to assume that through the traditional recruitment methods, the head count targets would have taken a lot longer to meet. eRecruit Solutions therefore allowed Inspired Outsourcing to grow at a good and steady pace, meeting demand as when it was needed, and to reach their target audience and attract the right type of candidates.

Dave Morgan, Managing Director of eRecruit Solutions added “Our relationship with Tracy has been a long term, enjoyable and fruitful one. We enjoy a very frank and open working partnership, strong communication when needed, flexibility on both sides, and a professional bond that we look forward to maintaining.”

“As with all clients, we gain pleasure from hearing of their recruitment successes and growth enabled by our service”.