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Having joined UNITE as Head of Resourcing to put an in-house function in place, my first port of call as an interim measure to assist with day to day recruitment was to engage eRecruit Solutions. UNITE had historically operated a hiring manager centric process with high agency-dependency at all levels due to lack of time, attraction tools and dedicated expertise – the process was painful, expensive and results were hit and miss.

Setting up a relationship with eRecruit was straight forward and the results were instantaneous. By working with them to identify the routes to market for a variety of vacancies from Housekeeping Assistant to Finance Director, over a 6 month period they have shown themselves to not only be experts in their field, but willing and able to adapt to the needs of our business in both the short and long term. So far their services have shaved between £1,000 and £2,500 off our cost per hire not to mention days of time involved in manually screening over 700 direct CVs per vacancy.

As our direct sourcing model takes hold within UNITE, eRecruit will continue to have a role with us as the provider of a swift, cost effective and flexible service which taps into a range of candidates pools unreachable to the average company.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services as unflappable experts with a passion for delivery.