Combatting High Turnover in Sales Positions

Combating High Turnover of Sales Position Staff

It’s a well-known fact that sales has some of the highest levels of staff turnover. There are many reasons for this, and many recruiters and HR managers accept it as part of the sector they are recruiting for. But what measures can you take to combat turnover while you are making new hires?

Sales staff are most likely to stay in roles that they will be successful in – for obvious reasons. They key is to locate staff that will be an ideal fit for your business especially, to avoid them moving on to find something more suitable elsewhere. Similarly, it is better for you in the long-run that staff that are really struggling to perform move on somewhere else.

Second Interview

When hiring sales professionals, turnover can be combatted by taking extra measures to ensure they will be the right fit for your company. Sometimes, meeting someone more than once can give you a much better insight into their methods, aims and motivations. When to comes to sales, it’s even more important that new staff fit in with your company’s culture. This makes their technique more genuine and more effective when reaching out to your customers and clients. A second interview can also allow you to be certain as to whether the candidate is really keen to get this position.

Role Play

To help the hiring of good sales staff that will go the distance, it’s good to give them a little test-run. Role play interviews are becoming much more common and they allow the candidate to show what they’re made of. Getting the candidate to give you a sales pitch or presentation is a fantastic way of gaging their abilities, technique and confidence. If you haven’t already, consider implementing this as part of the interview process. You can decide whether to allow the candidate to prepare in advance – one way will allow you to test if they can think on their feet and the other will test their research and planning skills.

Keep a Talent Pool

Finally, high staff turnover can’t always be avoided, so it’s good to be prepared in case it does happen. Working with eRecruit allows you to receive as many relevant CVs for your company that your vacancy generates, which you can then keep on file. This gives you a first port of call in the eventuality that an unexpected vacancy arises, which can be super handy and also saves you money!