Reducing The Cost of Recruitment – Our Guide

Reducing the Cost of Recruitment with Flat Fee Recruitment

Let’s be honest: in the wrong hands, recruitment can be a lengthy, time-consuming and expensive process. It can be difficult to reach enough suitable candidates, then selecting and training the right one takes time and money. Fortunately, the days of placing an ad in the local and patiently waiting for a response are long gone- hell, even the days of going using what you would consider as your typical recruitment agency are over. Nowadays, the process can be made quick, simple and pretty painless- well, it will be after you get a load of these handy cost-reducing tips.

Talent Pool

For any vacancies that you’ve previously advertised, it’s definitely worth keeping hold of the CVs of any applicants. By doing this every time a vacancy arises at your company, you can slowly build up your own talent pool of candidates with the ability to access it at the click of a button. This is an inexpensive way of being able to contact a wealth of candidates who may have been unsuitable for the initial role that they were applying for, but a later opportunity may suit their skills more.

Social Media

Something else which may take time to fully get the most out of, but once you do, it can be one of the most cost-effective recruiting strategies out there. By ensuring that your company broadcasts all job vacancies on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you will slowly build up a strong social media presence online and your job vacancies will reach loads more candidates- all for free.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

If you don’t have a huge amount of traffic on your website, or are still building your social media presence, SMEs may benefit from a pay-per-click campaign. Rather than spending huge amounts either using a recruitment agency or posting directly on job boards, Indeed offer a service whereby you only pay for every candidate that clicks on your advert on the job search engine- which has over 100 million unique visitors per month.


Another cost-effective method of recruitment is taking on interns. In what is a fairly risk-free investment, you’re under no obligation to keep the intern beyond the specified period of time. So if they impress, then you’ve secured a great candidate who doesn’t require training. If they don’t, it won’t cost you anything extra to let them go. Everyone’s a winner!

Flat-Fee Recruitment

Last, and by no means least, using the recruiti