The Recipe For The Perfect Job Advert

Create the Perfect Job Advert with eRecruit Solutions

A job ad is much like a recipe in several ways. You need to include all the ingredients for it to work, it takes time and effort to make and the results can turn out differently each time. The importance of a good advert can’t be underestimated. It becomes the ambassador for your company and does the most leg work in your recruitment campaign. So what factors are key in creating the perfect job advert?


You may have opted for a non-branded recruitment campaign, as many companies do. However, it’s still important that the candidate knows what type of company they are applying to. With some generic description and key phrases, it’s easy to provide the candidate with the essential information they require. It’s important there is some indication of the type of business you are in order to attract the right type of candidate.


As with anything in life, people are more attracted to something that sounds exciting. If you’re company has any extras that it offers to staff that will make working for you more enticing. It’s worth highlighting things such as staff socials, facilities at your workplace, holidays, bonuses, commission and any extras that staff get to enjoy. This isn’t the bare bones of the advert, but it does provide a cherry on top, which is always a good thing.


Recruiters understandably can be put off by the idea of attracting candidates on the basis of salary. However, if you don’t put it in you can really be missing a trick. Jobseekers are more likely to apply for roles where the salary, or at least the salary bracket, is advertised. So when you’re advert goes up against others with a salary attached, it might not get as much attention. Moreover, lots of the major job boards require their advertisers to include it, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on exposure.


This is a crucial aspect of the job advert, as it allows you to help define who should be applying and who shouldn’t. It shapes the recruitment process and defines who the advert should be targeting. It needs to set out educational requirements, level of experience, technical knowledge, specialist skills or training, other key skills and more. It can also outline the working pattern, i.e. you may need workers that are available to work shift patterns or weekends. Missing out any necessary criteria will result in receiving applications that are not relevant to the role.

To make sure your job advert hits the nail on the head every time, have a chat to one of us at eRecruit. We’ve won awards for our job ad writing and compose different adverts to target different candidates on a daily basis.