How To Deal With Losing Staff

Dealing With Staff leaving

As you might expect, it can sometimes be tough when you lose a talented member of staff. Whether they left to further their career, have some time away or they just weren’t happy at the company, it’s important to respond in the right manner and not get too hung up on things. By taking in these handy tips, your business can recover from the loss of a valued employee with minimum fuss.

Don’t Ruin Your Relationship

If you find you’re disappointed by the loss of someone at your company, chances are that they were a good worker. However disappointed you might be with how things turned out, don’t take it personally. They are likely to have their own reasons for leaving, and if you take it badly then you could ruin your relationship with them. Who knows, perhaps they would be interested in returning to work for you in the future if an opportunity were to arise- so it’s best not to alienate a good employee, even if you might not be able to understand the reasons why they left.

Conduct an Exit Interview

To get a clearer idea of why the employee chose to leave your company, try holding an exit interview. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to question the departing worker about their reasons for leaving- was it because of the money? Were they not enjoying the job? Once again, it’s important to make sure that you remain polite and professional at all times- this isn’t an interrogation after all. The biggest plus point of an exit interview tends to be the honesty of the employee, now that they’re leaving. There’s no reason for them to dress up their reasons for departing, so you have an opportunity to listen, learn and improve for next time.

Be Prepared

Although replacing a skilled employee is never going to be straightforward, you can still go some way to making sure the transition between workers is a smooth (ish) one. By endeavouring to provide your employees with a varied skill set so that they can cover a variety of roles within the business, the vacancy could at least be covered until a suitable replacement is found.

Hiring a Replacement

So an employee has decided to leave, you’ve conducted a professional exit interview and there are no hard feelings- now it’s time to set about finding a replacement. Here, you’re looking for a speedy, affordable and painless transition…therefore, you might consider using the recruiting services of a flat fee recruitment agency. At eRecruit Solutions, our proven method of online recruitment posts your ad on up to 1,800 job boards, before our team of recruitment specialists screen the candidates and deliver the most suitable ones straight to your doorstep- all for a flat fee. Losing skilled staff will always be a blow, but it doesn’t have to be the hammer blow you might have been anticipating.