The eRecruit Solutions Definition of Success by Ashleigh Rielly


Success wears many different masks for different people; whether it be accomplishing a task, attaining popularity, making profit, or winning a competition… At eRecruit Solutions our mission is to help you and your business gain success through hiring the right people.

A jobseeker succeeds by finding their next step; a great job, a good salary, excellent prospects and working conditions. An employer will find success in sourcing qualified, motivated candidates who can add real value to their organisation. They also succeed when they can do this at a low cost, both in terms of time spent and the financial investment needed to do recruit their new staff.

eRecruit Solutions devised our revolutionary Flat Fee Recruitment service to obtain a harmonious marriage between these two ideas of success:
– Satisfying the candidates’ needs by advertising opportunities on a wide array of online job boards, giving them easy access to a selection of suitable roles and the ability to apply online for them in an instant
– Achieving the employers’ needs by supplying a range of relevant candidates, all of whom are interested in the role advertised; doing this at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment agency methods, and at a fraction of the time taken with many direct recruitment and recruitment advertising avenues

Since we started in 2008, we have helped more than 600 companies succeed by hiring excellent staff, and helped more than 3 million jobseekers towards their next step on the career ladder. No mean feat, and one we love to scream and shout about.

I joined the company in January this year and haven’t looked back since! It’s great to know we’re creating success each and every day, and helping both employers and jobseekers with their next move!