E-Recruitment – The Recruitment Of Today

Online Recruiting today

What exactly is e-recruitment? In essence, it is any recruitment that is done online; the use of technology, namely the internet, to reach a wider pool of candidates and enhance the recruitment process.

The practice of online recruitment has increased dramatically over the past decade. The key drivers behind online recruitment are reducing costs per hire, accessing a broader range of applicants, and increasing the speed of hiring. Online recruitment not only brings greater flexibility for companies, but applicants too. Used wisely, it can also help to strengthen and promote your employer brand.

Many different organisations now recognise the power of online recruitment. Likewise, it is popular among jobseekers, who no longer have to send hardcopy CVs or traipse between agencies for face-to-face meetings. Indeed, the latest stats from the British Market Research Bureau show that online application is the favoured method for over 25 percent of jobseekers.

Online recruitment technology

Online recruitment isn’t just about applying for jobs online. Modern technology makes the entire application and selection process easier than ever.

New technology can be used to:

• Advertise job vacancies. This can be done on company websites, job sites, industry sites, and social media sites.
• Handle job applications. This includes dealing with e-mail enquiries, receiving e-mail applications and CVs, and building online application forms.
• Select candidates. Online apps can be used to test and screen candidates, gather information, and allow applicants to upload or send portfolios and documents.
• Conduct video interviews. With the internet’s vast reach, you can expect applications from hundreds of miles away, especially if applicants are planning to move cities. Online conferencing is an efficient way to check whether applicants are suitable.
• Strengthen employer brand. Online recruitment is an easy way to characterise your company, making it attractive to potential employees. It’s also a chance for you to outshine your competitors with innovative recruitment practices and quirky job ads.
• Enhance relationships. Online recruitment is an opportunity to create personal relationships with the talent pool. This is proving very effective with social media.

Advantages of e-recruitment

There are a plethora of benefits to using online recruitment. These include:

• Speeding up the hiring cycle
• Streamlining admin
• Reducing recruitment costs, particularly costs per hire
• Reaching a wider pool of talent
• Reaching a niche pool of talent
• Reaching an international audience
• Promoting internal positions across various departments and locations
• Presenting yourself as a company that is modern and savvy, which reinforces the employer brand and brand culture
• Allowing candidates to apply for jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Allowing candidates to apply spontaneously
• Allowing yourself to build a bank of suitable applicants for future job positions
• Providing up to date and tailored information to certain segments of the marketplace

Above all, however, online recruitment means you can partner with an online recruitment agency. This means you get the entire recruitment service – jobs ads, processing, screening, short-listing and advice – all for a one-off, low-cost, flat fee. Recruitment agencies should be seen as an extension of your company – and their service should also reflect this.

Despite many organisations using in-house recruitment methods, this is not always possible or viable for smaller companies. So, whether you’re new to the game, or looking to change your recruitment practices, why not look into online, fixed-fee recruitment.