Are You Doing Enough to Encourage Women to Work For You?


A recent campaign, set up by the Department for Work and Pensions, called #notjustforboys, is leading the way in encouraging women to make career decisions that are right for them. This includes getting them involved in industries that are traditionally seen as male only.

The campaign encourages workplaces to positively encourage more women into industries where they are underrepresented by offering work experience placements, skills academies and other methods that allow potential workers to get an insight into the company.

With an expected 12 million more jobs opening up in the next ten years, it seems that now is the time to go the extra mile to encourage women to join industries where there currently aren’t many on the books. Engineering, for example, has a 7% proportion of women workers despite being one of the UK’s biggest growth areas over the last year. Other areas experiencing imbalance are media (20% female employees) and graphic design (30%).

Other ways workplaces can encourage women to join the books is to ensure that vacancies get well advertised and are opened up externally to allow new blood to enter the organisation.

Further to this, #notjustforboys are running a social media campaign which you can get involved in.

They want you to:

  • Tweet a photo of you and your colleagues at work
  • Say why you love your job and sector and showcase what you are doing.
  • Share your top tip for women wanting to get into a role like yours.
  • Share advice with other employers about the benefits of being inclusive.
  • Share the work you are doing to tackle underrepresentation in your industry.

So if you work in an industry where there are a lack of women, why not get involved in the campaign.