Essential Skills Your Sales Staff Should Possess

Essential Knowledge your Sales Staff should know

Hiring high-performing sales staff is essential to the growth of your business, as it enables you to increase sales in a cost-effective way. But how can you tell the difference between a top sales candidate and a mediocre one? As experts in sales recruitment, eRecruit Solutions know the traits you should be searching for when hiring first-rate sales staff. Here are the skills and qualities we believe you should look out for and how to spot them.

Without the desire to succeed, a salesperson will crash and burn as sales roles are all about hitting targets. Not only should your sales employees aim to consistently reach their goals, but they should be prepared to continuously raise the bar higher. Only by being goal-orientated and constantly striving to be the best can salespeople reach their potential within your company.

You can spot an ambitious candidate by assessing the steps they have taken before knocking at your door. Have they completed any relevant work experience? Have they established their personal brand? Have they got a mentor or built up a network of contacts relevant to the industry? If so, they are clearly focused on achieving their career development. In the interview an ambitious candidate will be able to tell you how they will progress within the role in order to benefit the business.

Salespeople need to be able to come into work with a positive attitude as the sales environment is a challenging one. Their ability to stay motivated throughout the day is an essential quality as they will frequently face rejection and difficult clients. Salespeople cannot allow themselves to feel defeated whenever they face a tough situation. They need to use resolute determination to either solve the problem or be able to move on to the next sale with a clean slate.

Candidates should give the impression that their glass is always half full and seem genuinely enthusiastic about the role you’re offering. However, it’s important to spot the smooth talkers from the truly impressive candidates. You can do this by asking them to give examples of how they have effectively handled any problems they faced in previous jobs/experiences. Trust your instinct, if their story seems exaggerated and far-fetched then they’re probably not being truly honest with you.

Interpersonal Skills
Not only do salespeople need to be able to talk to strangers with ease, but they must also be able to listen to clients. This enables them to discover what the client needs and how they will provide them with a solution. Your sales team needs to be able to use interpersonal skills to persuade potential clients to see things from their point of view. It’s all about building relationships with your clients, so they’re encouraged to establish a long-term relationship rather than just do a one-off sale.

The best way to determine a candidate’s interpersonal skills is via a phone and/or in-person interview. Do they give a good first impression? If not, then your clients are likely to pick up on this too. Therefore candidates need to be likeable and confident in a situation where they have to interact with strangers. Group interviews can be an effective way to see which candidates excel in a competitive environment.

In order for your business to reach its potential, your sales team needs to be first class. If an applicant possesses these three qualities and they suit your company culture, then no doubt they’re a star sales candidate. For more tips on how to interview salespeople, check out this blog post: