Character Assessment – Different Candidate Types – Part One

Character Assessment

Hiring the perfect candidate is more than just considering a CV or cover letter. To get a true sense of a candidate, you have to interview them face-to-face and get relevant references. If you’re a first-time business owner, recruitment can be a lot to get your heads around. Finding the right person to fill a vacancy is as much about personality as it is qualifications and experience. A candidate’s personality must fit your company and brand culture. By not looking out for this, you risk employing someone who can’t interact properly with fellow employees or represent the company to potential customers and clients.

When you’re reading a CV, remember that it’s just a piece of paper. Candidates come from all walks of life. Some are shy and sensitive; others are loud and extrovert. That’s why it’s essential to know about the various kinds of candidates out there, so you can ask the right questions and fill your vacancy first time, every time.

It’s not possible to foresee or prepare for every type of personality, but you can be aware of the common traits that accompany certain people, as well as the pros and cons of both. To find the candidates most suited to your vacancy, it’s worth partnering with an online recruitment agency like eRecruit Solutions. With a flat rate starting from just £599, we source and screen the best candidates on the market, ensuring you get exactly who you’re looking for. And with a fixed fee recruitment agency, you not only get the full recruitment service, but you can keep track of your cost for hire.

The Meticulous Candidate

Pros: This candidate will be prepared, knowing all the details about your company, products and services. They will no doubt have an abundance of questions to ask you. Meticulous and analytical types are famously organised and work to rule. You can also bank on this candidate being reliable and accurate. The tasks you set will not only get done, but properly and punctually.
Cons: Not many. However, these candidates will typically want to work alone, rather than collaboratively. This may cause problems if you need them to work on team projects, especially where any reward or praise falls on the group, not the individual.

The Cool Candidate

Pros: The cool candidate is usually free of stress or worry. Because they are easygoing, it is natural for them to change plans quickly and go with the flow. Contrary to the meticulous candidate, the cool candidate will easily work with others and enjoys collaboration.

Cons: Due their laidback attitude, cool candidates may have a tendency to be distracted or forgetful. Their passive nature may also allow other employees or management to walk over them, due to their avoidance of conflict. While it can be nice to have “yes” people on the team, it can sometimes cause problems down the line.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll look at three more types of candidate.