The Fairer Sex by Gemma Adams


Sales, you would think, is pretty much gender neutral. Everyone is a sales person in some way shape or form so why the lack of women involved in the UK sales industry? Recent studies concluded that throughout the b2b sales industry showed 70% were male workers and only 30% were female. Surely women make up half of the ‘talent pool’ so why is that most senior level sales or sales management roles are hugely dominated by men…?

Many women in the industry still feel sexism is rife! Many feel that women just don’t have the minerals to ‘cut it’ in such a high-intensity environment, and women are often expected by society, husbands and colleagues to give up work all together when children come along. I say we’re not made of glass folks; us women can do and have it all :-)

I am a whole-hearted believer that, what many consider to be common, female behavioural attributes are better suited to the selling styles demanded by today’s markets. Further evidence shows women are also equally, if not more effective, in the role of Sales Manager; where coaching, managing teams and extracting performance are key – it seems women are just more naturally suited – it must be a girl thing…

I believe the industry should fight against these out outdated notions, especially in a climate where sales skills have never been more important. We need all the potential talent we can get, and turning it away due to gender can only be bad for business. Watch out men, us women will take over the world!