Top Tips for Filling Sales Roles

Top Tips for Filling Sales Roles from eRecruit Solutions

Despite being one of the most commonly advertised vacancies, hirers and employers still struggle to fill sales roles. At eRecruit Solutions, we pride ourselves on being sales recruiter specialists, and this is one of the most common roles we like to fill. So we thought it best we share a few insider top tips!

Emphasis the Benefits

Top sales professionals, or potential top sales professionals, want to work in an environment that is excelling. Sales is about hustle and bustle and tapping into exciting new opportunities, and it’s important that this is presented to candidates. Experienced sales professionals looking for a new role often expect or hope it to be, a step up from their previous position in terms of challenges and achievements. Our REC qualified team are experts at writing job adverts and tailoring them to appeal to the appropriate candidate, and this is especially effective with sales roles.

Target the Right Places

Finding quality sales people becomes a lot easier if you know the right places to look. Sales is a popular vacancy on most of the large job boards, so it’s obviously important to get a presence on these. But the smaller or more specialised job boards also ad great value to your recruitment campaign and therefore shouldn’t be neglected. We post on a vast amount of job boards, including specialist ones by sector type and location. This way, we know that we don’t let any prize candidates slip through the net.

Manage your Expectations

Sales is a role that becomes easier or more challenging to recruit for depending on what area the role is situated in. Filling roles like these in London or any of the busy cities is a lot easier than areas than are more rural/further out. The main reasons for this being the inner cities are a lot more populated, meaning there’s more applicants to choose from, but also because city-dwellers are more likely to be looking for this kind of role.


Some hirers are dubious about advertising salaries and commission rates with sales roles, out of fear that candidates will be drawn in by solely financial reasons. However, candidates are much less likely to apply for an online job vacancy that doesn’t disclose the salary or salary bracket. There are lots of other sales vacancies out there that offer competitive salaries and earnings, so in order to get enough traction, your ad needs to compete with these.

By implementing the right, effective techniques, recruiting sales professionals becomes a lot more easy and straight forward. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today.