Waking Up To Smell The Coffee by Lee Burns – Financial Services Recruitment Specialist


Having been associated with the Financial Services industry for the past 22 years (12 years in Financial Services Recruitment!) I have worked with a multitude of business from small IFA’s to multinational organisations, looking after their recruitment needs. Since the recession in 2008 (with many businesses still feeling the strain) many companies have addressed what it costs to recruit individuals and have really ‘bottomed out’ when using Agencies.

I have been amazed at the response since joining eRecruit Solutions (some prospect clients thinking it’s too good to be true!) when talking about flat fee recruitment and how we can reduce the overall recruitment spend. I have to have a giggle when speaking to receptionists about who looks after the recruitment, they are heavily trained to deflect any call when the dreaded “R” word is mentioned (that and stationary apparently!). So educating clients and discussing the recruitment methods we offer are paramount.

So, when you tell the receptionist to derail recruitment Companies, be careful you’re not derailing massive recruitment savings!!

I am enjoying the challenge, every new client is different and there is a lot of truth in incorporating your personality in to every call. If you are having a bad day, one call can turn that in to a good day. Since joining eRecruit Solutions, and the world of flat fee recruitment, every day is a good day working in such a healthy environment with such a good product to talk to clients about!!