How to Find the Perfect Calibre Candidate Online


When it comes to recruiting, one factor champions above all others – calibre. If the candidates aren’t suitable for the vacancy, then it’s all a waste of time. So what methods can recruiters put into place to ensure they find the right calibre candidates?

Great Job Ads

It’s important to get into the mindset of the jobseeker and ascertain what it is that compelled them to apply for the vacancy. Are you offering a competitive salary and benefits? Are your offices in a great location? Do you have any other company perks such as generous holiday or company lunches? All these things are essential to include and use to promote the vacancy. With lots of vacancies out there on UK job boards, the best candidates go for the most attractive opportunities. Therefore, recruiters have to go slightly further in ensuring their adverts have the edge over all the others. Alongside this, utilising key words and phrases that candidates will be searching for helps the vacancy appear higher in search results.

Using a Large Network

We all know how much recruitment is a numbers game. The more applicants you have to choose from, the higher the chance there are going to be suitable ones in there. This means that your vacancy needs to get as much traction online as possible to produce the right amount of potential candidates. Therefore, good calibre means having access to a large network. It’s hard to tell which job boards candidates prefer using more than the other, which is why a presence on most of them is best. Secondly, using industry specific job boards helps refine the type of applicants that apply and better the chances of receiving relevant ones.

Attracting Active Jobseekers

A huge benefit of online recruitment is that it allows you access to active jobseekers. Whether they are currently in employment or not, they have applied because they are interested in your vacancy in particular. This misses out the process of the recruiter having to sell the vacancy to the candidate, saving time and also meaning that the candidate is already interested in the vacancy. This affects calibre by generating keen applicants who want to come and work for you. In the scenario that they are keen and enthusiastic but not quite suitable, you can always keep their CV on file and call them when a more appropriate opening crops up, offering flexibility too.

With the majority of jobseekers now looking for their next role online, it seems to make sense that the best way to find good candidates is to target them directly, making it easier to find the right calibre and also easier to determine how to reach them.