Experienced Employees – How to Find Them

Finding Experienced Staff when Recruiting

Candidates with a lack of experience is one of the most frequent challenges faced by businesses across a huge variety of sectors. It’s the common reason why companies fail at hiring, despite countless applications to their vacancy. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to increase your chances of finding and retaining experienced employees.

Transferable Skills.

These are crucial when it comes to any kind of recruitment. Many companies fall into the trap of requesting experience from a specific sector or previous role. The reality is, there are people out there experienced enough for your role in one way or another. Many other job roles require similar skills to ones you’re recruiting for. Finding somebody with transferable skills usually involves requesting skills experience rather than industry experience.


A less simple but very effective way to gain experienced employees is to offer training. It is clearly a less effective way of obtaining experienced staff immediately, however, it’s worth investing in your top employees of the future. Teaching fresh minds the way you operate and do business means they’re not set in their ways from other roles and can pick up your methods more easily. You may want to consider either graduates, under graduates or school leavers. Consider taking on staff as interns, so by the time you employ them they already have experience of working for you.

Be Realistic

If you really struggle to find someone who ticks all your boxes, consider that you may be requiring too many ticks. If you want five or more years of experience but also want somebody young and upwardly mobile, you are probably asking for too much. A lot of people are ready to make a new step in their career after just a year or so of starting out. Potential candidates all progress at different rates, so don’t whittle out those who are storming ahead of their competition.

Broaden Your Search

The main benefit of online recruitment is the potential to reach huge amounts of potential candidates. If your vacancies are advertised on your website, or just one or two job boards, there’s still a huge pool of people you may be missing. The more CVs you receive, the more chance you have of finding someone to match your criteria. Luckily, eRecruit Solutions have access to over 1,000 job boards, and manually screen CVs to ensure the best of the bunch get sent to you.