Finding and Hiring Long-Term Performers

Hiring Long Term Staff

In terms of competition and leading edge, having the right people in your business has never been so crucial. Companies not only face competition on a local level, but national, international and online too. Consumer choice has never been so varied and easy. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to stay ahead of the game.

However, business owners and recruiters are facing increasing pressure: the lack of talent in the marketplace creates a need for instant gratification e.g. employees are hired to meet immediate needs of a company, not as long-term investments. It’s important to understand what this behaviour can do to a business. Despite remedying short-term problems, it will ultimately raise costs and turnover as you hire employees who don’t have the talent to progress and will consequently leave the company early, creating further vacancies. Furthermore, by not nurturing a recruitment pipeline, you create gaps when good employees actually do progress to the next level.

Also, by relying too heavily on new recruits to support your workforce, you don’t make good use of your existing employees to fill empty roles. This will inevitably have a negative effect on costs, confidence and morale.

It’s common sense for business owners to have clear plan for the future, especially when it comes to the talent pool. Do you know the sorts of roles that will be needed over the next few years? By asking yourself practical questions, you not only meet the immediate needs of the company, but its future needs too. This allows a business to grow flexibly and quickly adapt to any changes in the industry or marketplace.

By partnering with a reliable online recruitment agency, you can invest in the future. The screening practices of online recruitment agencies are designed to weed out transient candidates and shortlist those who are a long-term benefit. Think of online recruiters as an extension of your company; find the right agency and your external recruitment efforts will be simpler than ever before. What’s more, many now provide the entire recruitment service for a one-off, low-cost flat fee.

At eRecruit Solutions, we understand the traits candidates need for long-term success. But it’s important for business owners to know these traits too.

Learning agility: studies have demonstrated that being able to learn from past experience is what separates success from mediocrity. Successful workers generally pick up strong learning patterns from key projects and tasks. It’s not a matter of intelligence, but effective learning techniques.

Effective performance: those with high potential will have shown flair in their previous endeavours. They are open and adaptable; eager to learn; curious about their job, the company, the wider world and people. They can withstand pressure and confusion, have fantastic interpersonal skills, and can visualise, motivate and innovate.

Speak to your recruiter about candidate traits – or if you don’t have one, perhaps start looking for a good agency to partner with. Fixed-rate recruitment isn’t just about keeping an eye on your cost per hire; it’s about making your money go further. Online recruitment agencies know what high potential looks like. Well, at least eRecruit does. We are able to identify the key attributes and traits that are needed to fill your positions. Not only that, but we have the ability to understand the qualities of your current high performers and then screen applicants for those qualities.