Flat Fee Recruitment Specialists by Greg Pendleton

As I have recently joined the company, I feel it’s important to say why I came to work with eRecruit Solutions in the first place, as this is very easy for me to explain.

I’ve known them since they started, and worked alongside them for the first three years when they were building their, now leading, flat fee recruitment company from the ground, upwards. eRecruit Solutions worked in the same building as my previous company, so I’ve known them and their key members of staff on both a professional and personal level since their ‘day one’. They also provided my previous company with a huge number of great staff, sourcing them by advertising their roles across a huge network of online job boards, screening the response, and delivering a fantastic return on investment for us. So… I have seen their excellent results first-hand, and can hold testament to the savings eRecruit Solutions provide in comparison to previous recruitment methods; traditional recruitment agencies and the like.

To be blunt, having the recent option to join them was a no-brainer!

eRecruit Solutions is a fresh, dynamic and exciting company to work for with a lot of potential for my career. The products are fantastic, save companies a lot of time and money, and most importantly achieve far better results than other forms of recruitment. I truly believe in our products, and enjoy selling it for this reason!

In the past, I have always been in jobs where I hated being at work… whereas now, being at work is fun, enjoyable and a challenge. The working environment is great and I see everyone who works here as friends not colleagues. The 40-ish hours we work absolutely fly by.

I’m very excited about my future with eRecruit Solutions, and being a big part of a flat fee recruitment company that is really making waves in the recruitment market!