Could Flexible Working Improve Your Business?


With the government singing the praises of flexible working practices and more and more companies bringing them into play, we are taking a look at the benefits it can have for your company. It’s important to remember that some workers, especially graduates, now see flexible working as a perfectly viable option. However, in a survey by YouGov, 1300 workers were asked about flexible working and 42% said that they felt uncomfortable asking their employer about their options. So it’s important to know how it can benefit both you and your employees.

Happier Workers

Allowing your employees to have more flexibility in their working patterns will lead to higher job satisfaction and lower stress levels among your staff. Many workers will have personal situations such as children or caring responsibilities, so a traditional 9-5 shift might not work for them. Allowing for personal alterations should increase their loyalty towards you and create a good atmosphere in the workplace. This should also decrease absenteeism as people will enjoy coming into work and are less likely to need time off. Allowing people to be in control of their working life is something that will be highly valued and appreciated by many.

Improved Productivity

Increased employee satisfaction will also improve productivity, as staff will feel more motivated and content at work. In order to show their appreciation for your generosity, employees are likely to work hard and be super organised to prove to you that you’ve made the right decision in offering them the option of flexible working.

More Top Talent

Being flexible will allow you to attract higher quality and highly skilled workers so you can have a more diverse workforce. Some potential candidates could be put off by certain working patterns due to family commitments or a desire to complete further study. Providing more attractive hours will persuade them that you are an accommodating company worth working for, hence you’ll attract more talented individuals. You can also improve staff retention as you may be able to offer reduced hours for those thinking of retiring or going part-time.

Better Reputation

Your company will be seen as being able to adapt and embrace changes to the employment market. You’ll gain a reputation as a modern company which can provide opportunities for a variety of workers. It will also allow you to follow the likes of some of the UK’s most successful employers such as BT, Ford, Tesco and John Lewis who are all members of the AFF (Agile Future Forum).

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Happy workers can translate to happy customers: a good working environment will lead to better service thus improving customer loyalty. Also, due to the different shift patterns your staff can cover, you may be able to extend your opening hours which will also please your customers/clients.

So if you’re looking for a way to attract top talent to your business and improve the atmosphere in your office, consider introducing the option of flexible working. The appreciation you’ll gain from your staff, as well as the appeal it’ll have for talented individuals looking for work will reap rewards in terms of moving your business forward.